At its annual meeting, officers and board members are elected, reports of past work and plans for the future are discussed. Informal meetings occur at the General Convention, or any other place where RACA clergy gather and sit down for coffee.

RACA encourages its members to start local and area meetings, retreats, and gatherings. Several areas around the country have annual or even monthly gatherings of RACA members for lunch and conversation and mutual support.


The Director maintains the database of members, their telephone and email addresses which can be sorted by Diocese, State, Gender and so on. We use the data to make referrals to nearby members when someone calls for help. Many people have marveled at how soon they hear from a RACA member after making the first call.


RACA members are often retreat leaders in their local communities and can consult about intervention and referral.

Financial Support
There are no dues or fees for membership in RACA. RACA is the beneficiary of the gifts of gratitude from its members and friends. When our founding priest, Father James Golder died several large gifts were made in his memory. The James R. Golder Fund continues fund a significant part of our modest annual budget.