RACA's application card is a piece of paper or email with your name, address, and phone number on it, along with your sobriety date and your request for membership.

Membership in RACA is anonymous, and no member may break the anonymity of another. Our roster is available in Excel format to members only on request.

By sending in your application you are stating that you are an alcoholic, are striving to maintain sobriety, and that you pledge to support the principles and purposes of RACA. You may choose to have your name withheld from this roster while still enabling you to maintain contact with the fellowship.

Many believe it is more helpful to others (and to themselves) to be known as members of the Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association. RACA membership is open to all bishops, priests, and deacons, and to members of religious orders and seminarians of the Episcopal Church. There are no dues or fees and no one is dropped from membership.

RACA is especially anxious to help those who are now drinking to excess, to lead them to sobriety and to membership in RACA. Also wanted as members are those who have achieved sobriety through counseling, treatment facilities, AA, or on their own. RACA needs the membership of all those men and women for the strength of its mutual fellowship, and they need RACA for their own morale and continued sobriety.